Why we need to slow down our lives

Beautifully elegant and such a timeous reminder of what I needed to hear.


As technology accelerates our lives, many of us feel an urgent need to slow down. One seductive solution: A secular sabbath. Pico Iyer makes the case, in this meditative excerpt from his new TED Book, The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere

The idea of going nowhere is as universal as the law of gravity; that’s why wise souls from every tradition have spoken of it. “All the unhappiness of men,” the seventeenth-century French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal famously noted, “arises from one simple fact: that they cannot sit quietly in their chamber.” After Admiral Richard E. Byrd spent nearly five months alone in a shack in the Antarctic, in temperatures that sank to 70 degrees below zero, he emerged convinced that “Half the confusion in the world comes from not knowing how little we need.” Or, as they sometimes say around Kyoto, “Don’t just do something. Sit…

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Month 3: Give thanks to the physical body

Give thanks to the physical body. I have heard this phrase many times. Every yoga lesson is concluded with the phrase, “Give thanks to the physical body, the spirit body and the mind body. Namaste.” I’ve heard it, I’ve said but I didn’t really get it….until last week.

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Month two: Create a backdrop for your life.

October is month two of my life project. Last month I focused on making small life changes that would bring about more energy, more energy that would help provide me with the staying power to see this project through. Month one was successful. I have most definitely transformed my habits. I drink a lot less, I exercise more, I make better drinking choices. The result? I definitely feel more in control, more focused and more aware.

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To change or not to change.

For those of you wondering whether or not to make an important change in your life, you might want to ask yourself:

Why don’t I change this? What is stopping me from choosing to change this right now? What does it cost me to change? What does it cost me not to change? What are the costs today? Tomorrow? In five years? In ten years?

Human beings seem to be naturally resistant to change so it is not unusual that we would resist changing ourselves. If you are feeling stuck or wondering if it is worth changing yourself or changing your life you might want to read this short article by Psychology Today, titled To Change or Not To Change.

My first month of my Life Project is almost complete and the planning for Month Two has begun. Ill share my resolutions for this month shortly. Exciting 🙂

Until then, I thought I would share this spectacular news with you all:

Spring is here

How to stimulate happiness by understanding the brain.

Taking on this Life Project has lead me to discover some interesting and useful information about the brain and how it can affect happiness levels, motivation, emotions etc. How strange that as ordinary humans (i.e. not neurologists) we understand so little about the organ that controls every aspect of our experience on this earth.

I was struck by my own levels of happiness over the weekend. I felt relaxed, excited, grateful and present. The combination of which has left me feeling vaguely high on happiness. This has led me to examine why. In order to keep recreating this feeling of happiness I need to understand the workings behind it.

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5 Questions That Can Change Your Life | Psychology Today

Love this article from Psychology Today titled 5 Questions That Can Change Your Life

I especially love No. 4, What if I made one small change? and No. 5 What will make a better story? 

Its definitely worth the read if you are looking for small practical ways to change the way you view and think about your life.

Sometimes it is the small changes that make the most significant impact.

I have been reflecting a lot on the progress made so far these past two weeks. While it has only been 2 weeks I certainly feel different. The small changes I have made are making an impact and in fact a wide reaching effect I didn’t intentionally anticipate.

The reduced intake of wine has helped me in more ways than I originally anticipated. There has been an interesting knock-on affect from making this one change. The results are quite remarkable:

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Connecting to Nature


Despite 3 hours sleep I stuck to my resolution to get up and out every Thursday morning. The walk helps me clear my foggy head, get rid of feelings of frustration. It allows me to gain some perspective making me more receptive to my family and the day that lies ahead of me.

Another Thursday, another early morning walk #photography #picturehappiness